Why Nagarjuna ?

Nagarjuna is one of the most trusted brands in Ayurveda and among the best Ayurveda treatment centers in India. As there are many Ayurvedic centres across Kerala and other parts of India, it is important that you choose the right Ayurveda hospital for the treatment.

  • Extensive experience having treated more than 10,000 patients from 70 countries
  • Strict adherence to classical practice of Ayurveda, implemented with a scientific approach
  • Medicines and oils from our own manufacturing facilities( Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd) that manufactures about 570 Ayurvedic medicines
  • First to create synergy between Aryavaidya and Ashtavaidya schools of thought in Ayurveda
  • A strong R&D (Nagarjuna Research & Development) that focuses on developing a range of very effective and fast acting drugs and in creating Specialty Treatment protocols
  • Support of Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Institute, that has trained more than 100s of Ayurvedic Therapists and nurses, who are working across major Ayurveda hospitals in India
  • Committed to sustainable model of Ayurveda-Nagarjuna Social Service Society which prapogates herbal nursaries and Ayurveda agricultural programs

Our Offerings

  • Free online consultation with expert Ayurveda doctor
  • Concept of Family physician who will be assigned to the patient from the time of arrival till discharge. A physician will have only 5 such patients at a time to ensure availability and attention
  • Integrate the best of Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy and Modern Physiotherapy for a holistic treatment experience
  • Satwic vegetarian diet, customised for each patient requirement as per the physician’s recommendation
  • Ayurvedic cooking classes for IP guests
  • Display of Kerala traditonal art forms

Certifications and Accreditations

Strong adherence to process and quality which is manifested through our certifications and accreditations

  • Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company
  • Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre is among the first NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) accredited hospitals, the premier accreditation standard for hospitals in India NABH processes ensure the safety and security of patients
  • GREEN LEAF accredited hospital, the highest recognition from Kerala Government for centre’s providing traditional treatments with modern facilities and ambience.
  • Manufacturing facility of Nagarjuna is G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Awards and recognitions

Ayurveda Hospital Management Association (AHMA)

  • The BEST CASE SHEET & DOCUMENTATION in the State of Kerala
  • The BEST PANCHAKARMA THEATRE in the State of Kerala

Kerala State Government Awards

  • Kerala State Government award for the Best Approved Classified Ayurvedic Centre on 2002-03
  • Kerala State Government award for the Best Treatment Centre on 2003 – 04

Nagarjuna Ayurveda is one of the trend setters in health care sector which took effective steps to restore Ayurveda as the mainstream Health Management System. Nagarjuna has taken immense efforts in the manufacturing of quality Ayurvedic medicines, establishing health care centres and specialty clinics, conducting deep rooted research in various streams of Ayurveda, and reaching the healthcare solutions to the common man through its wide marketing network.

Nagarjuna Ayurveda divisions

  1. Nagarjuna Ayurveda

    1. Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Limited (NHCL)

    2. Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Limited (NACL)

    3. Nagarjuna Research & Development

    4. Nagarjuna Social Service Society

    5. Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Institute

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